MSP cool


Hey people i have a new thing for you... Today i saw PUMPCHIKIN the most legendary person on MSP and also if you friend her you will be to just don't ask for gifts she will say no maybe she did to me though so.

Also i will like to say chirsmas is coming too so be nice on MSP or else MSP Santa will not be coming and also maybe you can get gifts or money so check this blog and be a super person and send it to your friends and family but only the ones who play msp and thx for reading my blog can't wait for tomorrow or nxt week but see you next time.

                                                        <3 SanneHoran (that's my MSP name)


The New MSP Updates

Hey People we are talking about the news on movie star planet they have new quests like owning a Pet(s) or Boonie(s). Also they have a new quest were you just watch movies watch over 500 movies and get the diamond award its awesome. 

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                                                          Love SianneHoran (thats my MSP name)